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Meet The First-Ever Dog Treated for Alcohol Addiction After Owner’s Tragic Death

An ‘alcoholic’ Labrador retriever has made history as the first-ever dog treated for addiction after being brought to the Woodside Animal Welfare Trust in Devon. According to the Telegraph, the Labrador cross named Coco, was brought to the shelter along with his companion following their owner’s tragic death. However, the booze had been left out, leading to the death of the other dog, who suffered from fits. Coco, on the other hand, arrived at the shelter showing symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

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The rescue center’s staff was initially baffled by the unusual symptoms exhibited by the two canines. The on-site vet tried their best to save both dogs but was unable to rescue the first one. Coco remained “seriously unwell and required round the clock care,” according to the shelter’s Facebook page. After a few days, it became clear that Coco was suffering from alcohol withdrawal.

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The shelter staff explained that the dogs had become dependent on alcohol after their owner left drinks out “before he went to sleep.” Coco underwent sedation for four weeks to manage his withdrawal symptoms and reduce the risk of further fits. After a month, the treatment appears to have been successful, and Coco is expected to make a full recovery.

In a Facebook post, the shelter expressed their relief, “We are so thankful that we are now out of danger and Coco is off all medication and is now starting to behave like a normal dog.” However, they noted that Coco is still very anxious at times, and he will need gradual rehabilitation before being ready for adoption.

The shelter called this a heart-breaking ordeal and acknowledged that no one knows the specifics of how the dogs got into the situation with alcohol. Nevertheless, the center’s care saved Coco’s life, and he is now on the road to recovery.

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