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15 Images That Will Make You Lose Whatever Little Faith You Had Left In Humanity

Are you ready to laugh and shake your head in disbelief at the same time? These 20 individuals below are sure to make you lose any remaining faith you had in humanity. From bizarre beliefs to stunningly ignorant comments, these people will leave you wondering how they function in everyday life. Here are the highlights:

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1. Thanks Susan, but no thanks!

2. Karma Is A Mama Dog

3. Well, that’s a shocker.

4. He Actually Took A Pic Of His Hands To Show The Length And Width Of the Phone He Is Selling

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5. Practice what you preach.

6. I Bet This Wasn’t Her First Time!

7. Know Why Some Ladies Never Keep Time?

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8. How Useful is Maths After School?

9. Glad to hear you’re such a big fan of Ginger, Ginger.

10. Just Stop Talking

11. Yes. This is how illness works.

12. Know Your Animals!

13. How Fast Did We Get To The Future?

14. Who Needs Maths In The Kitchen Anyway?

15. Manspreader In Recovery…..?

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