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The Woman Who Fought Off Vultures For Days After Her Husband Died In The Amazon!

Maria das Graças Mota Bernardo, 68, survived a week adrift on the Amazon River with her husband’s corpse after he suffered a fatal heart attack on March 29, 2023. The elderly couple was on their first fishing trip together and had intended to sail down the Rio Negro in northwest Brazil before heading back home.

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Despite her terrible circumstances, Maria was forced to live on raw fish and paddle through dangerous waters, including waves of killer caimans and flocks of vultures. She did all she could to protect her husband’s body from the harsh Amazonian conditions. Maria even banged pots and pans and screamed for help from the top of her lungs to catch the attention of passing boats.

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Their daughter, Cristiane, told reporters that after her father died, her mother tied their canoe to a tree and went to seek help in the motorboat. However, the engine stopped working, leaving her stranded in the middle of the river. Maria spent all those days paddling and defending her husband’s corpse from vultures.

A search operation was launched after the couple failed to arrive home. Authorities found the couple’s canoe tied to a tree with rotting fish inside. Maria was later rescued after a week of fighting off the Amazonian wildlife.

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This is a story of survival, love, and strength. Despite her husband’s death, Maria fought hard to survive and make it back home. Her story reminds us of the strength of human endurance and the will to survive against all odds.

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