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Teen Caught Wanting To Kill Her Pregnant Friend, Cut Her Open, and Kidnap Unborn Baby

Angelique Robledo, a 17-year-old from Arizona, found out that she was going to be a teenage mom. Despite being scared and unsure about parenthood, Robledo prepared herself for the day she would meet her son. Little did she know that someone would try to steal her unborn baby from her womb.

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A few months after learning she was pregnant, Robledo met Kassandra Toruga, another teenager who claimed to be expecting as well. The two bonded over their pregnancies, but in early 2011, Robledo was shocked to learn the truth about her new acquaintance. On February 16, Toruga showed up at Robledo’s house and set fire to her closet while the two were alone. Robledo was nine months pregnant.

Responding firefighters and police found Toruga with a diaper bag filled with two butcher knives, a pair of scissors, baby clothes, and diapers. It had all been part of Toruga’s twisted scheme to kill Robledo, cut her unborn child out of her, and kidnap him. As it turns out, Toruga had never been pregnant.

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After admitting her plan to the arson investigator, Toruga, who has a documented history of schizophrenia, was arrested and charged with attempted murder, burglary, and arson. In February 2012, she was sentenced to seven and a half years in a mental health facility after pleading guilty by reason of insanity to attempted arson.

This horrifying story serves as a reminder that mental health issues can have dangerous consequences. Robledo and her son were lucky to survive Toruga’s twisted plot.

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