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Doctors Discuss A Gross Video, And This Can Easily Happen To You!

In a video shared on Facebook, The Doctors TV show reveals the presence of blackheads in the outer part of your ear, and it’s not a pretty sight. According to the show, not cleaning your ears well enough or inserting dirty earbuds can exacerbate the issue.

To prevent blackheads, make sure you disinfect earbuds before inserting them in your ears. Also, wash your ears while showering, but avoid inserting q-tips into your inner ear canal. Instead, they can be used to clean the folds of the outer part of the ear.

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The Doctors suggest watching their clip to learn more about preventing this horror from occurring in your ears. And while this should be common sense, it’s especially important to teach kids to disinfect anything that goes near their ears.

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Don’t let blackheads ruin your day. Learn how to prevent them now!

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