Comedian Zeddy Turns To Hawking Months After Quitting Churchill Show

Popular female comedian Zainabu Zeddy has announced that she has resorted to eke a living through hawking cookies. The talented stand up comedian also promised to offer her goods to struggling families at no fee. Zeddy made the announcement to her followers just months after parting ways with the Churchill Show.

“I would also want to thank my followers who buy my cookies and also request me to give the snacks for free to those families incapable of making ends meet,” Zeddy stated. 

Zeddy was recently in the headlines for being a fierce champion for the plight and welfare of her fellow comedians. She exposed the management of the stand up comedy show for humiliating and under paying comedians. The talented comedian was forced to speak after the death of Kasee. She revealed how comedians were struggling to make ends meet during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Zeddy spearheaded a group of artistes who came to the rescue of fellow comedians Njoro and Paul Ogutu Wakimani. The two artistes were reportedly suffering from depression and were slowly sinking into irresponsible alcoholism.

Her activism did not augur well with other comedians. Sleepy David called out for leading an unfair witchhunt and name calling without concrete facts. Zeddy was recently lectured by David Ndambuki at the funeral of another Churchill show comedian, Othuol Othuol. Ndambuki advised Zeddy and other comedians to focus on building their own brands through their social media accounts.

“Don’t wake up every morning and you’re telling them (online fans and bloggers) what you are eating, what your wearing, you have a life. Stop calling people your family because the moment you stop cracking jokes, they stop being your family. Leave the bloggers, they earn money through your stories,” a visibly angered Ndambuki stated

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