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Youtuber Shot After Prank Gone Wrong In a Mall

A YouTube prankster has been left fighting for his life in intensive care after a joke turned sour at the Dulles Town Center mall in Virginia, USA. Tanner Cook, the 21-year-old content creator, was playing what he called a “simple prank” on a stranger when a fight broke out between him and another man in the food court. Cook was admitted to the hospital after Colie allegedly opened fire at him in the middle of the busy mall, piercing his stomach and liver.

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Cook in hospital. Credit: WUSA9

Police arrested Colie on Sunday (April 2) over the incident and charged him with aggravated malicious wounding, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, and discharging a firearm within a building. Sheriff Mike Chapman revealed that the gunfire sparked panic inside the mall after the fight broke out between the two men.

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Cook, who has since undergone surgery, spoke to WUSA9 from his hospital bed and said, “I was playing a prank and a simple practical joke, and this guy didn’t take it very well and he shot me.” One of Cook’s friends was filming the prank when Colie allegedly pulled out his gun and opened fire. That footage is now part of the evidence prosecutors hope to use to convict Colie of his alleged crimes.

Alan Colie. Credit: Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office

Cook’s father, Jeramy, slammed the man who allegedly shot his son, saying, “They were making a video at the mall and trying to have fun with people and this guy wasn’t having fun. There was a phone that was around him and they were interviewing or talking to him, and he didn’t like it and he pulled out his gun and shot my son.”

Despite the incident, Cook revealed that he has no plans to stop playing practical jokes on strangers.

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