“You Will Not Get Nigerian Visa”, Burna Boy’s Mom Warns Stefflon Don About Supporting Vybz Kartel

There’s been some fallout following the recent round of clashes during No Signal’s 10v10 battles over the weekend. Sides have been chosen following Vybz Kartel and Wizkid’s clash. Of course the resulting fallout was all in good fun.

It seems following the clash, Burna Boy’s mom, Bose Ogulu teased British rapper Stefflon Don telling her that she wouldn’t get a Nigerian visa because she chose to side with Vybz Kartel in the face off against Wizkid.

Popcaan was also featured in a battle against Burna Boy and he too eventually lost.

Vybz Kartel

The new format of clashes features deejays who choose 10 songs from the featured artistes and battle on music-streaming platforms, in collaboration with Spotify UK.

No Signal is a recently launched UK radio show designed to give DJs the opportunity to reach audiences in a novel way. The deejays play 10 full-length songs of their choice from each artiste and pause after each song for some casual commentary.

Burna Boy’s mother jokingly made the comments during an Instagram live session as she, her son and his crew tuned in for the Wizkid versus Vybz Kartel battle on Twitter.

The British rapper chose sides early in the clash and sent a voice note to her boyfriend confidently backing Kartel and claiming that she was sure the Dancehall legend would win. After hearing the voice note Bose jokingly stated that she would not be given Nigerian visa for rooting for him.

She says: “My friend you will not get a Nigerian visa.”

Burna Boy got in on the fun and asked his girl to retract the voice note. He told her she had do it if she intended to get on his mother’s good side and Nigerians in general. He even teased that he was now suspicious of her loyalty.

He said: “And I’ve been trying to get this visa. You making things hard for me. What’s wrong with you.”

There’s definitely no love lost as in the end of the video Burna and his crew begin dancing to one of Kartel’s songs for the night. He says that they know this one, as his crew gets down to Kartel’s 2010 song Virginity.

Hundreds of thousands of people from 99 different countries tuned in for the clash.

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