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Xtian Dela Rolls Out His Security Manifesto That Could End Street Kid Menace

Parliamentary aspirant Xtian Dela has today rolled out his security manifesto that he believes will end the street kids menace and in turn reduce mugging, pick-pocketing, and other high-scale robberies that have been linked to the street urchins.

The Westlands parliamentary hopeful opines that authorities have for a long time paid no attention to the street kids. Due to this negligence by the relevant authorities, Xtian claims that the street kids gradually grow from petty thieves to hard-core criminals.

In his security manifesto, the Youtuber has outlined a raft of measures that he will see through parliament once he assumes office.

Here is a snippet of the propositions of the celebrated influencer-turned politician;



1. National Youth Service

– Enroll ALL aged street kids in the NYS. It’s basically a “FREE TRAINING COLLEGE” for young Kenyans. Yes! We make a law that enures all street kids pass through the NYS

– Train the street kids skills that will help them be self-sufficient.

2. Jobs for the Street Kids

– Training the street kids is one thing, getting a job is another thing.
– We will make into law that ALL the skilled and reformed street kids be employed by our County Governments. First priority to them!
– Let our trenches be dug with military precision accuracy!
– Let traffic be guided by a young, energetic, smart, well-trained, and reformed street kid!
– Let our Kanjos cleaning and scrubbing our streets be the same ones who used to sleep on those streets. They know the dirtiest corners, let them clean!
– By doing this we will pump FRESH and SKILLED blood into our local government.

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