Woman Narrates Catching Cheating Woman In Her Closet

Cheating in relationships is no longer brain surgery across the parties engaged. This has especially thrived in long-distance unions where a party can’t trace their other to tame them.

With it becoming a fact, that cheating is part of a relationship, how one gets away with it once they are busted is an emerging issue. It never gets long before one is found cheating after a series of allegations that is followed by spying to prove one wrong or right.

A lady has opened out how her partner defended himself after she found another woman in his house. Apparently, theirs was a long-distance affair going by her narration. She busted her fiance with another woman. What was amusing is how her lover was absolving himself after being found with the second woman. The guy claimed the woman was a Kamba landlord who bizarrely passed by to remind him of the rent arrears.

If you ever have been blank of ideas to clear your “good” name out of such predicaments, check here:

“Nilijipeleka kwake 6:30 pm juu nlikua na ufunguo ya haobut but ya gate sikuwa nayo…so vile nilifika kwa gate nikamcall and told him to come open for me…he started stammering then agreed to come and open…I waited for almost an hr akakam and lied to me he was showering ndio maana akakawia…so we entered the house and he started making some tea for me…when I was chilling kwa kiti, I smelt some scent of Rosemary yaani marashi nikajua hapa kuna kitu juu yeye hakuwa fan wa marashi…we took tea and some snacks and finally finally usiku ukafika I made supper then took a shower ready kupewa haki yangu…when we were busy sleeping in our bedroom while lights were off…I happened to be awake…I saw the wardrobe opening slowly and within a blink of an eye somebody came out of it and jumped across our bed ran out like a lightening…I screamed and this hyena had the guts kuniambia eti ooh our landlord ni mkamba ni yeye amepita mbio eti kumkumbusha hajalipa rent…” the woman (only known as Kyleen Walter) narrated.

The man could not accede to the fact that he was busted and do what would be necessary and apologize to her lover. He was assured her lady would buy into his tale. That a landlord was passing through for rent. And through the wardrobe!

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