Woman jailed for secretly reading husband’s chats at night

A man in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) made headlines after suing his wife for secretly secretly going through his phone.

As a result, a Court in Ras Al Khaimah sentenced the woman to three months in jail on grounds that she went through her husband’s phone without his permission.

The husband said the woman accessed his phone while he was asleep and copied all data in his phone and sent to her smartphone.

The wife transfered data from her husband’s phone, including photos and chats so she could go through them at a later date.

The Court found her guilty of violating the UAE’s privacy Law, which states that married are forbidden from accessing each other’s personal phones without permission, even if one of them suspects the other of cheating.

In the Arab countries, laws are made which subject women to very harsh judgement compared to their counterparts men.

It is recently when Saudi Arabia allowed women to drive motor vehicles something which was considered a crime for many years.

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