Woman in Kakamega Stabs Husband Over Ugali

A woman in Ikoli Village, Kakamega County stabbed her husband to death and attempted suicide over a piece of ugali.

Joy Indeche stabbed her husband, Brian Indimuli, on the stomach multiple times before turning the knife on herself. Brians’ father, John Indimuli, reported that the two fought after a piece of ugali fell on the floor on Friday, last week.

The husband is reported to have complained after his wife tripped over a chair and the ugali she was carrying fell on the floor. Brian was suspecting that his wife had taken alcohol which may have caused her to trip over.

A fight soon ensued that saw Joy run away from the house and came back armed with a knife and stabbed him in the stomach several times.

She then turned the kitchen knife on herself and ripped out her insides before she was stopped by residents. The couple was rushed to Kakamega County Referral Hospital but Brian succumbed while being rushed to the hospital.

Brian’s father noted that their marriage was troubled and that they had separated one year ago before reuniting. Ikoli Assistant Chief Walter Moses Namutali confirmed Indimuli’s story saying that their marriage was filled with unending conflicts.

I have talked to them many times to try and resolve their differences hoping they would live peacefully but the disagreements have continued

Walter Moses Namutali

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