Willy Paul dishing money to fans spark mixed reactions

Willy Paul was captured on camera showering his many funs with Ksh1000 notes from his car window.

Many people louded him for being a philanthropic soul but others said he was showing off his wealth.

Fans held he should have atleast built schools or paid fees for needy children instead of splashing money pretending to be helping.

Secular musician Willy Paul is undoubtedly one of the richest artistes Kenya has ever produced in the music industry.

The star has over the years proven to the world he is loaded by making huge purchases and giving out money.

Well, being a christian, Willy Paul knows perfectly well that he needs to share his blessings with other Kenyans, specifically his fans for supporting him.

It is for that particular reason that he recently stopped his car when he saw his fans and started showering them with KSh 1000 notes.

Excited fans were seen scrambling for the money as someone in Pozee’s car filmed the whole scene, which was later shared online through the singer’s social media pages.

On his caption, the Banana hitmaker revealed he was happy to share and advised others to also learn the art of giving, give until they have nothing else to give.

”Give till you cant give no more! The hand that gives is the hand that receives. I love you my people. Let us enjoy together when I have it,” he wrote.

While his move excited and impressed most people who lauded him for his philanthropy, it also irked a cross section of Kenyans who bashed him for flossing wealth.

According to those who criticised Willy, the musician should have built schools, paid fees for needy students instead of ”pretending” to be giving out handouts.

Just recently, Willy Paul made headlines after introducing a mzungu chick whom he claimed was his new lover.

The singer has been moving around with his mzungu and parading her allover social media for all and sundry to see.

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