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Willis Raburu’s Daughter Dies In Hospital

10/10 Host Willis Raburu has taken time off from his duties at Royal Media Services to mourn the passing of his daughter.

The media personality took to his social media platforms that he was taking a short break from his duties at Citizen TV and Hot 96 radio. He said that he was taking this time to comfort his wife, Marya Prude Raburu, through this tough time.

He wrote to his close friends that his wife got into labour to deliver baby Adana into the world but had complications and pushed out a stillbirth.

There is no easier way to say this. God called our little baby angel, Adana, home. We got into labour but there was some complications and a clot so we pushed out a stillbirth! My angel is on the other side looking over us and we will do her proud. 

Willis Raburu

He mentioned that his wife did well during labour and are trying to be strong despite being devastated by the incident.

My heart is completely broken, she is such a beautiful baby, now she is a beautiful angel. I want to thank you all for the support during this time for the comfort and the love, for getting Marya fit and ready, she did well in labour. We are trying to be strong but we are absolutely devastated.

Willis Raburu

Willis and Marya were expecting their first child since they got married three years ago. The passing of his daughter, according to Willis, has shattered his heart into several pieces and the pain he feels is immeasurable.

Kenyans, including his colleague Lulu Hassan, sent their condolence messages to Willis after posting the lengthy statement on his social media platforms.

Praying for you and your fam ,God is still seated on the throne it shall be well

Mercy Njeru

He has assured fans that the shows would go on and that he would come back soon feeling better than ever.

I will be back on your screens and on your radio! I love you all, you make me who I am. See you soon. Successful people look like you! WABEBEE!

Willis Raburu would like to send our condolences to Willis and Mary Raburu during this tough time.

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