Why the Maria TV Cast Switched Houses

Fans of the popular drama show Maria have noticed a few changes in the production of the episodes as the Hausa family switched houses.

The show took a different direction with the plot seeing the Hausa family moving to a new home to allow Sophia to heal in a different atmosphere. This also saw the producers taking advantage of the changes by introducing a new character in the storyline.

What Maria fans don’t know is that the old house in Runda estate was being put on sale for Ksh 150 million. The owners of the house wanted to sell the house forcing the producers and cast to change the settings and alter the storyline.

Here are some of the features of the Runda mansion:

  • 5-bedroom all ensuite
  • 2 elegant living rooms with fireplace
  • Enough separated dining room
  • Two kitchens with pantry
  • Large family room
  • Balconies and verandas
  • Backup generator room
  • Large store
  • Guard’s cabin

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