Why Netizens Feel Jalang’o and His Club Has Munched Bahati’s Diana Marua

Comedian cum radio host Jalang’o has for the last two days been the subject online after he was exposed as the big cheese in a men’s clique that specializes in sleeping with various damsels before boasting amongst themselves.

The expose was a work by YouTuber Edgar Obare who did not dare to hide even a thing regarding the ‘boys club’ which had come up with a WhatsApp group to help in sharing their ‘achievements’ and objects they intend to meet.

Taking to his Insta stories, Obare revealed every useful detail as regards the group which now has Jalang’o as its emblem.

Jalas has gotten on the grill of netizens who have accused him of being a hypocrite, advocating for sound relationships, cursing infidelity, etc during his Milele radio show while from the background he behaves otherwise.

The comedian reportedly refuted the claims of him having ties with the group, though the screenshots shared by Obare tend to sabotage his (Jalang’o’s) efforts to absolve himself out of the mess.

Notably, the saga has driven Bahati’s wife Diana Marua to its core, some of the screenshots shared showing her in the company of the able ‘boys club’, insinuating she might have been preyed on, given the sole mission of the group is to bang any good-looking but money-thirsty feminine objects.

This is the umpteenth time Diana gets herself in the midst of a scandal. Earlier this month, ‘detectives’ on Twitter revealed photos of her with Harambee Stars skipper Victor Wanyama long before coming to meet and get betrothed to the playful Bahati.

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She came out to rubbish the tales of her being at once Wanyama’s lover, tweeps moving on unawares of what would next land on their desk again about her, Diana Marua.

She is also rumored to have bedded ex-Switch TV anchor Nick Mudimba.

Diana is yet to pronounce herself on the latest orgy implicating her as one of the ‘boys club’ catches.

Meanwhile, below are photos of a lady (believed to be her) having a good time with the zestful members that form the ‘boys club’. The events in which the photos were taken can’t, however, be traced, thus not necessarily meaning she was part of the ‘gullibles’ taken advantage of.

Below is how netizens reacted to the whole thing:

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