Why Luos Are Becoming Less Populous

Luo elders are now blaming the less numbers recorded out of the 2019 Census on extensive use of family planning methods.

As per the report released by KNBS on Friday last week, Luos are fourth-placed with more than 5 million people, falling under the Kalenjins, Luhyas and Kikuyus respectively.

Seemingly agreeing with the stats, the elders from the Nyanza region community say the diminishing in their numbers has been brought about by locals embracing contraceptives.

Led by Mzee Nyandiko Ongadi, the elders are concerned the trend will lead to the community losing the bargaining power in government(s) thus hugely missing on resources from the central government.

To curb that, Mzee Ongadi has urged the locals to shun from using contraceptives, and as well the young men in the localities to embrace poligamy so as to foster the rate of procreation, in turn seeing an increment in their numbers.

KNBS’ report shows kikuyu community leads in population with more than 8 million people, followed by Luhyas who are more than 6.8 million in number and thirdly the Kalenjins who are more than 6.3 million.

The report has however been dismissed by leaders from communities and social settings citing they were computer-generated.

Former Kakamega senator Boni Khalwale said the report was wrong as according to him the Luhya community is the most populated in the country.

Khalwale’s claims were supported by Budalangi MP Rafael Wanjala who said the numbers were cooked so as some communities would get favoured in allocation of resources.

The Atheists Association in the country also faulted the KNBS report saying they were deliberately ‘undercounted’ with intentions to sabotage their operations.

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