Why Kenyans Feel It Is Time Raila Odinga Clinches The Presidency

Less than two years away from the 2022 vote, politicking is slowly taking its space, key players already aligning themselves with the bid to take it home when the time comes.

It is inarguably a contest between DP William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga, their respective footsoldiers already mobilizing in their favors.

For the better of the year, the politics have revolved around the haves and have nots talks, the DP identifying himself with the have nots in the pretext of ‘hustlers’, his critics faulting him for hypocrisy and political deceit given that he has served as the country’s deputy president.

The DP’s bid has however been dealt a blow by the fallout between him and Uhuru Kenyatta, the former now banking on few Jubilee rebels to mobilize for him in central Kenya after the president proving to be non-commital supporting his deputy.

Raila Odinga is currently seen as Uhuru’s favorite, which has its life from the 2018 handshake which birthed the much-talked-about BBI that its recommendations are being pushed for adoption.

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With Uhuru being pro-BBI as opposed to William Ruto and the faction he leads, Raila Odinga stands the chance to be accorded support from central Kenya, topping on the already established grounds from which he enjoys unarguable support.

A section of Kenyans now feels the ground has been prepared and made fertile for the nourishment of a Raila presidency, a group terming it as a looming Mandela moment.

Hiding behind the #TulipeDeni banner on Twitter, tweeps feel the support Raila and his family has given to the country’s presidents has now as the right time for reciprocation.

They argue that Raila has been consistent and reliable in delivering to the presidency hopefuls back in the day.

All these happen in the wake of assertions and hearsay that there could be a possible truce between Uhuru and Ruto, potentially denting Raila’s ambitions to occupy statehouse if it were.

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