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Who Needs a Heartbreak? – Woman Marries Herself In a Flashy $4,000 Wedding Ceremony

A woman in the US recently spent $4,000 on an elaborate wedding ceremony, where she married herself. Danni Adams, a 30-year-old plus-size fashionista and body image coach, held a lavish ceremony last December attended by dozens of guests, with nine bridesmaids by her side.

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Danni explained that she decided to marry herself after overcoming a lot of trauma, saying, “I realised I wasn’t living for myself, and this wedding was my chance to start over.” She doesn’t believe she went overboard with the celebration, stating that “there is no such thing as overdoing celebrating yourself.”

Danni is part of a new generation of women advocating for sologamy, also known as “self-marriage” or “self-partnering.” It is a symbolic ceremony where a person commits to a loving relationship with themselves and a promise to give themselves what they often seek from others.

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Critics of sologamy argue that it is narcissistic and makes a mockery of the special sacrament of marriage. However, its popularity is growing, with Miley Cyrus’s song “Flowers” about celebrating self-love after her divorce becoming Spotify’s most streamed song in a week.

Danni’s wedding ceremony was a celebration of self-love and a fresh start, inspiring her and those around her to view her newfound confidence and self-love positively.

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