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Who is Stormy Daniels? Meet the Woman Who Got Donald Trump Arrested

Stephanie Clifford, also known as Stormy Daniels, is a well-known adult film actress whose alleged sexual relationship with former US President Donald Trump has catapulted her into the global spotlight.

The actress has said she still receives degrading comments since speaking out about her affair with Trump ( Image: Getty Images)

Daniels has claimed that she met Trump in 2006 at a charity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, where he reportedly invited her to dinner and greeted her in his pajamas. According to Daniels, their sexual encounter was “may have been the least impressive sex I’d ever had,” a claim that Trump vehemently denies.

Stormy Daniels poked fun at the former president ( Image: Stormy Daniels/

The controversy surrounding their alleged affair reached new heights when it was revealed that Daniels received a $130,000 hush payment just before the 2016 presidential election. This payment forms the basis of the Manhattan district attorney’s indictment of Trump, reportedly on the possible violation of campaign finance laws.

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While Trump has accused Daniels of extortion and denied any sexual relations with her, the actress has been vocal about the consensual nature of their relationship. In addition to her career in adult films, Daniels has also dabbled in politics, considering a run for a US Senate seat for Louisiana in 2010.

Despite the insults and taunts from Trump and his supporters, Daniels has remained largely composed in the public eye, even trading insults with the former president on occasion. While she may have once seen their relationship as a potential career boost, Daniels has since moved on, marrying fellow porn actor Barrett Blade and focusing on her thriving career in the adult film industry.

Stormy Daniels has been hit by web death threats by Trump supporters  (Image: Sunday Mirror)

With the recent indictment of Donald Trump, Daniels has taken to social media to promote her #TeamStormy merchandise and celebrate the news with a glass of champagne. However, her attorneys have emphasized the importance of respecting the hard work and conscientiousness of the grand jurors, calling for truth and justice to prevail.

Overall, Daniels’ story continues to captivate audiences around the world, with many curious about the woman at the center of one of the most controversial political scandals in recent memory.

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