Who is Nyashinski?

Nyashinski is considered by many to be one of Kenya’s greatest artists in the secular industry. His successful comeback in the music industry has made him be adored locally and abroad. The rapper recently released his latest solo album, Lucky You, as a dedication to his fans.

Nyamari Ongegu completed his secondary education at the Nairobi School where he met his former music group members of Kleptomaniax. He attributes his studies to learn how to work in a team and think critically. Nyashinki later pursued his degree in Environmental Planning management but never made use of his papers.

Kleptomaniax was formed in 1999 when they were still in high school. The group joined the Ogopa DJ’s label and released their first single Freak It in 2002, which was followed by the singles Maniax Anthem and Haree.

The group saw their biggest breakthrough with their 2004 hit Tuendelee which was originally a response for the Diss track by various hip hop musicians. Kleptomaniax later released their first album in 2005 and took a break in 2007 to venture into solo projects.

After the group disbanded, Nyashinski travelled abroad and came back to Kenya after ten years. He came with an unstoppable storm to continue with his music career, which has gained him more fame.

Nyashinski is currently married to his long-time girlfriend Zia Jepkemei who tied the knot in a traditional wedding. This wedding did not sit well with some of his female fans who took to the streets of Nairobi County to demonstrate.

Ladies of Nairobi today have gathered to express the unhappiness,their discomfort with our friend, our superstar, our bachelor Nyashinski choosing to leave his bachelorhood and get married

Kwanza hakutuambia, hatukujua tuko na girlfriend na all of a sudden akatuambia. So we are gathered here today to express our freedom of speech to express our unhappiness and as you can see, Nyashinski means a lot to us

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