Who is Mulamwah?

Comedian Mulamwah surprised many Kenyans when he announced on his social media pages that he has quit comedy after being subject to cyberbullying.

The 26-year-old comedian, David Oyado, comes from Bikeke village in Kitale. He is a trained nurse having graduated from Moi University in 2017 with a degree in nursing. Having completed his intern practice at Kenyatta National Hospital, David has been balancing his life between comedy and nursing.

His love of comedy can be traced back to his childhood when he wanted to be like the comedians he saw on television. Mulamwah, however, could not tap into his potential while he was in school because of his strict parents.

Things looked up for him when he joined campus in 2012 where he started doing stand-up comedy every Sunday. David then formed an acting group in a church where they made skits and acted them during Sunday services.

His childhood dream of being a comedian on TV was still alive as he joined a group of comedians in Eldoret. According to him, he tried to audition for Churchill Show but did not have the means to attend one.

What he did instead was make his own clips and shared them online and they went viral.

Mulamwah has noted in interviews that it has been tough getting recognition in the industry and has faced discouragement from many people. Despite this, he encouraged those who looked up to him to ignore negativity and trust the process.

Making people laugh is as easy as it is hard. But being unique, current and having scenes and acts that people can relate to makes you stand out.

Ignore negativity and trust the process; Rome wasn’t built in a day. Everything is possible, however hard it may seem.


Fast forward to 2020, he has reportedly quit comedy because of cyberbullying he has faced on social media. In the long post, Mulamwah notes that being a comedian has made him sad because of the heightened level of trolling on social media. He noted that he was only there for fun but things took an ugly turn.

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