Who is Flaqo 411?

Kenyans on Twitter are known to be a tough crowd to please. Their tough skin has seen comedians like Mulamwah consider quitting his hustle. While this happens, KOT is praising the efforts by one Flaqo 411.

Erastus Ayieko Otieno’s rise in comedy dates back to August 2018, when he decided to shoot a quick video as his mother went out to get some groceries. What he didn’t anticipate that the rushed video would go viral and lead him to his status now.

The comedian has expressed his interest in penetrating into the music industry in previous interviews. He was looking for a way people would notice him and his work and comedy did just that.

Quick Facts:

  • He was born on Christmas Day
  • He is the eldest of three children, two boys and one girl
  • He owns a music studio in Mambo Leo, Kisumu County

Flaqo completed his university studies in 2018 with a degree in public health from Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology.

His inspiration for his comedy videos come from Vine stars such as King Bach, Kenny Knox and Dope Island. Flaqo found huge success with his videos when he started doing impressions of known Kenyan celebrities. He found better success with Mama Otis, a fan-favourite character.

Describing her character, Mama Otis was inspired by a few character traits from her mom and two aunts.

I picked a few characteristics from my mum and two aunts. I don’t know at what point women become Mama Otis, because it seems like all mums are “extra” like that; they will stare at you weirdly or just make you do anything just so you don’t look like you’re idling in the house. It’s my favourite character because that’s what started this whole journey. I introduced Mama Kinston later on, as an ode to Brendah Jones’ Mama Plezdent Kinston character. I don’t script Mama Kinston’s responses though. I just leave spaces while shooting Mama Otis, then just do real reactions as I’m listening to the video.

Flaqo 411

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