Was Kenei Eliminated Or It’s Suicide?; Tracing Ruto’s Officer’s Last Steps

Deceased officer Kipyegon Kenei’s family still believe that he was murdered and framed for suicide. Kenei was attached to DP Ruto’s office and was on duty when Echesa allegedly met with investors over the 39Billion fake arms deal.

DCI had earmarked part of Ruto’s staff to record a statement on the case. Kenei had been termed as a person of interest by the investigative authority and a date with him was already slated. His mysterious death remains puzzling with many incessant that there is more than what meets the eye.

We wish to reveal to you the last steps of Kenei and his last conversations. At 9 minutes to 10 pm on Tuesday, Kenei sent his wife a message asking her to appreciate a family friend for visiting them.

Kenei’s wife, Judith Kenei, recounts how they had a lengthy and joyful conversation with her husband before his death. The two talked a lot about their marriage and shared pictures of their lovely kid. At around 3 pm that day the lovebirds switched and started conversing about Karen, a relative who was set to visit their Nakuru home.

At 9:41pm the two had a phone call conversation that lasted for just 53 seconds. About 10 minutes later, Kenei sent what would be his last message to his wife. Judith was left wondering why her husband chose to go silent. She sent him three messages afterwards which remained unanswered.

Kipyegon Kenoi

Judith reports that she mysteriously received Ksh 35000 from an Equity account that belonged to her departed husband. This abnormal transaction led her to text her husband at 5:00 am asking if the amount was hers or if so what its purpose was.

Her messages again remained unanswered. The amount Kenei sent is reportedly above what he has sent his wife from time immemorial. The widow says her husband used to send her between Ksh 3000 to Ksh 3600.

Kenei’s social media handles were mysteriously deactivated and his father received another dispatch of abnormal cash from the officer. Kenei’s family members tried reaching him to no avail. At 9pm on Wednesday, Judith sent her last text to Kenei asking him where he was.

On Thursday afternoon Harambee Annex sent a message to local newsrooms informing them that Kenei was set to record a statement with the DCI but failed to show up at work. On the same Thursday evening, Kenei’s body was discovered in his house in Embakasi.

Investigations are on with many questioning if it was a case of suicide or Kenei was framed then murdered. Why the big unusual Mpesa transactions? Why were his social media accounts deleted?  What crucial information did Kipyegon Kenei have about the fake 39Billion  arms deal?

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