Vlogger Edgar Obare Claims His Life Is In Danger

Popular vlogger on YouTube, Edgar Obare, has revealed that his life is in danger after receiving calls and texts from comedian Jalang’o.

Edgar made the revelation on his Instagram story by saying that he was tired of keeping quiet about his safety concerns.

He went on to say that Jalang’o called him to ask him to go for a meeting at the DCI.

I am sick and tired of fearing for my safety and keeping quiet, yesterday Jalango calls me and asks can I come for a meeting at the DCI, I ask what it is about and he refuses to say.

Edgar Obare

When he declines to go, Jalang’o threatens to come for him. Edgar then poses the question to his audience asking how a private citizen summon another fellow private citizen.

Following that question, Edgar proceeds to say that an informant who warns him not to go to the DCI as they were planning to lock him up. According to the informant, Jalang’o was in the company of Obia, Babu and other DCI officers.

The informant advised him not to go to the DCI offices as he would be at their mercies. It is also reported that it happens a lot of times at the DCI offices. Following that conversation, Edgar announced that he went incognito at the middle of the night and wanted everyone to know what was happening should anything happen to him.

View the screenshots below:

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