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VIDEO: Woman Gives Birth on Toilet After Mistaking Labor Pains for Constipation

On April 3, 2023, Marla McEntire from Georgia shared her story on TikTok about how she unexpectedly gave birth on the toilet, having no idea she was pregnant. The 34-year-old woman had been on birth control and had only missed one period, which she dismissed after taking a negative pregnancy test. However, after 40 weeks of carrying her baby, Marla experienced labor pains, which she initially thought were just constipation.

Marla explained that she never showed any visible signs of pregnancy, such as a popped-out belly button, morning sickness, or feeling a kick. She went to a chiropractor and a doctor for stomach and hip pain, but neither of them noticed she was pregnant.

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On the night Atlas Cohen was born, Marla sent her dad to buy her laxatives, thinking that she was constipated. But after going back and forth to the bathroom about five times, Atlas was born on the fifth trip. Marla looked down to see her five-pound, 18-inch son in the toilet water up to his ears and under his chin. She immediately yelled for her dad’s help.

The unsuspecting mom gave birth to her son while on the toilet after mistaking her labor pains for constipation

After getting the baby out of the toilet, Marla’s father called 911 for guidance. The EMTs advised tying the umbilical cord, but Marla’s father did not feel comfortable doing it. So, he used a chip clip to clamp the cord until the EMTs arrived.

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Marla’s bathroom looked like a murder scene, and she and her father were doing their best to remain calm. They were eventually taken to the hospital for checkups, and both the mother and baby are doing well.

Marla expressed her gratitude towards her family and friends, who helped her buy necessary baby equipment and supplies. She also mentioned that there are still some paternity issues that she is dealing with.

In conclusion, Marla’s story highlights the importance of being aware of our bodies and paying attention to any changes that may occur.

Marla’s sister Lacey (pictured together) took to Instagram to share a heart-warming post about the new mother-son duo

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