VIDEO: Woman Furious After Being Seduced And Meeting a Fake Harmonize

A lady in Tanzania could not hide her fury after learning she had been duped by someone she mistook for the Bongo music star Harmonize, also known as Konde Boy.

The lady said she met the Harmonize-look-alike on Instagram where he began flattering with her.

Excited to be connecting to the ‘singer’, the lady gave in to his advances even getting ready for a meeting with him before they discuss what is ahead of them now that they are yet to be lovebirds.

Upon her date with him, she was puzzled on realising that the guy was not Harmonize, anger getting the better of her beginning to punch him for fooling her.

The guy has also been identified as ‘Kunde Boy’, opposed to Harmonize whose pet name happens to be Konde Boy.

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