VIDEO: Woman Embarrassed After Husband Showed Up With Undergarments Infront Of Her Skype Chat With Colleagues

Coronavirus pandemic has forced closure of work places employees being advised to work from home to avoid interpersonal interaction as countries grapple with spread of the virus.

Aforethought to be healthy and with great deal of comfort, working form home has been proven not to be a walk in the park.

Ranging from distractions from children, pets to even affectionate love coming in to disrupt the would-be comfortable new way of working.

A woman was holding a video conference with her colleagues, the background being worth it until her husband showed up with in his underpants, the manhood delighting at the exposure accorded to it, dancing in bliss.

She could not hide the embarrassment, the husband getting confused trying to hide everything even in the glare of the camera.

Those reacting however pointed out the jest in the video but held it had been staged, though admitting the humour in it!

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