VIDEO: Wajinga Nyinyi Part Two Is Out

A sequel to King Kaka’s controversial Wajinga Nyinyi has been released by Teardrops Poet on Friday.

The poetic song follows the same tone of production as King Kaka’s with a violin playing in the background and the poet speaking his truth.

Teardrops addressed issues that were not mentioned in the original song such as that of pregnant women dying in maternity wards, the rampant killing of campus girls in the past year, land grabbing, the country’s importing crisis and how the new currency notes haven’t changed things.

The visuals of the Wajinga Nyinyi Part Two see Teardrops sitting in a public toilet which has several writings on the wall. The tissue paper in the toilet also has words that reflect the country’s big problem.

He ends the song by saying that “They might kill the King but not the prophecy”.

Watch the video:

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