VIDEO: Ugandan Ladies Ejected From Their House By Rogue Landlord

Two ladies of the Ugandan taste have had a rough Monday after a rogue landlord forced them out of their house in the 87 area, a few metres from Kinoo, Nairobi.

The two were being roughed up by the landlord who has been identified as Edward Karanja, who even refused to refund the deposit back to them.

The ladies who are yet to be identified were decrying a great deal of mistreatment the said the landlord had accorded them forcing them to vacate the hood.

As seen in the video, the ladies are engaging the landlord in a scuffle while outside as he hauls insults on them vowing not to pay back the deposit the they moved into the house with.

They could be heard saying how they have had enough of the landlord’s weird manners and the time for them to leave had come.

Watch the clip below:

The landlord is said to be heartless and inconsiderate of his tenants’ needs prompting a majority of them to vacate the place.

They add he built the rentals shoddily devoid of essential standards at worst threatening their security while in the houses.

The houses have been built opposite Riva Fuel Station, 87.

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