VIDEO: Raila Odinga Lights Mourners With Special Final Salute To Mzee Moi

ODM party leader Raila Odinga treated mourners at Kabarak to a light moment after he climaxed his tribute to Moi with captivating salute phrases all coated in Luo tongue.

Raila could not leave behind his black whisk which he wielded several times before leaving the podium heading to where the casket lied.

Over the casket, Raila would be heard at the time ululating “Jowi!” as he waves the whisk, after that bowing down in respect as he left to sit at the point the mourners cheering out in top voices.

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Jowi is normally used in Luo to mean a gigantic animal of the elephant kind, always used to commemorate a considerable position a personality held during their lifetime.

That happened after Raila mourned the late Mzee Moi as a true patriot who had fought for the well being of the country and her people.

It is also on the occasion that Raila rubbished the assertion that he belonged to a dynasty alongside the Moi and Kenyatta families and pointed out that like any other common citizen anyone from the families deserves the right to vie for any political post.

Preparations are currently at peak to ensure the late former president is laid to rest to mark the end of his more than nine decades on earth.

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