VIDEO: Police Spokesman Responds to Police Brutality Cases in Kenya

Police Spokesman Charles Owino has finally responded to the rising cases of police brutality in the country.

This comes after it was observed that more people were dying under the hands of the police rather than the coronavirus pandemic which has affected the normal running of activities.

Police officers have been accused on several occasions of using excessive force when enforcing the curfew rules imposed by the national government. The most recent cases were that of a Mathare man being shot dead during curfew hours and one Samuel Maina whose nose was reportedly broken by police for violating curfew rules.

In an interview with Ken Mijungu on NTV, Charles said that the Mathare man was shot by a gang who rode on a motorcycle and not by the police as area residents alleged.

The case of Vaite, the one which people are shouting in Mathare. We have very clear witnesses who told us that this guy was followed by about 5 persons on motorbikes. You know, whether you are homeless or you have a home, a criminal who meets you does not know. Remember this is Dandora Bridge, you can follow up to find out how many lives we have lost at Dandora Bridge

Charles Owino
Samuel Maina

When he was informed that Samuel Maina was watching the interview, Charles advised him to visit his office to direct him to the Internal Affairs Unit.

Victimized by who? I don’t like this word police brutality because I’m a policeman and I cannot victimize. Ask him to come and see me tomorrow, I’ll give him officers to take him to my colleague who is the Director of the Internal Affairs Unit.

Charles Owino

One of the statements Charles made that sparked heavy criticism was when he blamed some officers who get “carried away with some little power”. Netizens were not satisfied by his remarks and made their opinions clear on the various social media platforms by promoting hashtags like #JusticeforSamuelMaina and #JusticforVaite on Twitter.

Watch the full interview below:

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