VIDEO: Man Shot Dead Along Moi Avenue During Botched Robbery

Police in Nairobi Central District have launched investigations into a case in which a man, now identified as veteran actor Ainea Ojiambo, fatally shot dead a security guard on Moi Avenue.

In the video a gang of armed robbers, who attempted to steal Ainea’s gold chain along Moi Avenue on Friday, attacked him while he was standing by with a unidentified lady.

Ainea- a licensed gun holder, is seen unleashing his gun and opening fire at the thugs. It has now been established that he missed the robbers and the bullet hit the guard on the head, killing him instantly. The security guard was manning the same warehouse.

Another security guard who was also at his work station was also hit by a stray bullet and was rushed to hospital. The body of the guard has been taken to City Mortuary. Ainea Ojiambo was arrested and is currently in police custody.

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