VIDEO: Luo Singer Mercy Atis Breaks Internet With This English Song

I don't give a d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-damn

One music video has been shared widely by many Kenyans for its unique take on RnB music. The thirty-second clip went viral for her emphasizing how she doesn’t give a damn and got the attention of big celebrities like Maina Kageni.

While the video has warmed the hearts of many, the identity of the lady was still a mystery. Until now.

The lady in question is called Mercy Atis, a Kenyan artist based in Malindi and the track itself is called I don’t wanna know. According to the video description, the song is based on her real-life experience with fake friends.

Mercy made the song with the hope that it encourages you not to let negativity bring you down. True to her word, the song has entertained us in its unique way by becoming a meme.

This story is based on my real life experience with fake friends, lies, betrayal but it encourages you to never let negativity pull you down! Its about dancing on and soaring above all negative energy.

Mercy Atis

Watch the full song below:

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