VIDEO: Kenyan Women Trafficked To India For Sex

A recent undercover story by BBC Africa Eye has uncovered a network that traffics African women to India as sex workers for African men who live and work in the Asian country.

The expose mainly follows the story of a Kenyan woman named Grace who went to India thinking that she was getting paid to work as a dancer/hostess only to realize that she was going to sell her body for work.

A woman named Goldie pays for her expenses to travel to India but immediately confiscates her passport claiming that Grace owes her $4000. She has to pay off her debt if she wants to get back her passport.

Grace works in India for almost a year before getting back her passport. She went undercover to expose what happens when girls come into the country.

They are first taken to brothels where they just sit and wait for the African men to come and pick their favourite one. These brothels are mainly illegal clubs known as kitchens.

Watch the full video of the documentary below:

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