VIDEO: Kenyan Blogger Selling Breasts on Instagram

A female Kenyan blogger has been promoting her business of selling breasts on her Instagram page.

In a recent Instagram video, Sue Gacambi aka Auntie wa Harrier informs her followers that she is indeed selling boobs for those who would be interested. The breasts in question are wearable fake breasts which do not need to be implanted in a woman.

She went on to demonstrate how you can use the breasts when one is in the act of pleasuring themselves. Finally, she posted another video on her Instagram page to show how they are supposed to be worn.


Gacambi is a popular figure known for her detailed sex advice and one who travels all over the world selling sex toys.

As seen on Amazon, the wearable breasts are made of silicon which is guaranteed to be soft and skin-friendly. The vest itself is meant to be worn as an undergarment, can be washed, and comes in different sizes depending on one’s preferred size.

There are many reasons why women usually consider buying silicon breasts. They can range from serious psychological reasons such as being depressed, wanting to feel confident, or they simply want some clothes they like to fit properly.

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