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VIDEO: “I’ve Seen It All, Please Stay At Home,” Rome Based Kenyan Nurse Speaks Of The Situation In Italy

The current COVID-19 situation in Italy is almost running out of hand now taking the strong will of nurses and other practitioners to save the thousands of victims who now bank on them.

Mary Mwangi who is among the group of gallant health workers who have risked their lives at the stare of the virus says at this point it is unpredictable when the situation will normalize.

She says they have sidelined their interests and those of their families to bring hope to the despaired souls that don’t know until when they can have the chance to breathe.

She adds the healthcare system has exhausted everything now limping as the situation occasioned by the virus keeps on worsening.

It is her advice to Kenyans to entirely observe what the government through the MOH is vouching for as the viable measures that can be helpful in suppressing the killer virus.

The total number of confirmed cases hit 69,176 on Tuesday 743 deaths being reported on the very day.

Medics were said to have began testing only people with severe symptoms given the how overwhelmed the centres are.

Lombardy is the most hit region in the country.

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