VIDEO: “I’m Cutting My ‘Bean’! It’s Sensitive, It Takes Away My Concentration From Music” – Popular Musician

A Singer has spotted a liability in her clitoris that she wants to cut it off so that she could have total concentration on music.

The Ghanaian musician having Queen Haizel for a stage name says the clitoris makes her sexually active that she forgets to pursue her dying career in music.

In an interview with a local TV, Haizel said the clitoris makes her want sex all the time in the world making her not have even a second to record and to solve that, she has resorted to chopping off the item which is credited for arousing sexual pleasure in the feminines.

“Very soon, I will be leaving the country for two months. I’m going to cut off my c!itoris just to be able to concentrate on my music career… Basically I have issues with my… It is very, very sensitive. It keeps taking my concentration off the music. Like I’m hyper when it comes to…” She said.

The fans following the program however dismissed her resolution saying she was after attention after she lost relevance in the Ghanaian music.

The musician says she normally gets more than 17 orgasms in one day.

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