VIDEO: How M-pesa Agents Are Losing Money In New Scam

On May 23, 2020, a man dressed in a maroon t-shirt walked into a supermarket at 3am known as Bazar Minimart that also runs an M-Pesa shop, swapped a mobile phone which had money with a similar one and walked away.

CCTV footage obtained from the shop, showed that the man had visited the supermarket earlier that day before he left and only returned after changing his clothes.


On his first visit to the supermarket, the man, whose name as registered in his sim card is Kevin Lee Foster, arrived at the business outlet dressed in a green t-shirt and a red jacket and did two transactions.

Mr Ali Bishar, the owner of the shop, told Citizen TV that on his first visit the mans main aim was to get the pin number of the phone that the M-Pesa agent uses in doing transactions.

“He actually got the security code at that time because he did a Sh500 transaction without leaving the shop but just moving around and did another transaction of Sh50. It seems he was checking the password and in the second round confirmed that he had gotten it right,” Mr Bishar said.

On his second round, mans accomplice, a woman dressed in a black top, is seen pulling the attendant aside and this gives the man room to swap the phones.

Mr Bashir said that he lost Sh29,000 in the theft and efforts to nab the man has been futile to date.

He says by the time, they alerting M-Pesa about the theft, the man had already transferred the money to a woman identified as Martha Mukui.


“By the time I was alerting Safaricom about what was going on it was too late,” he said.

Mr Bashir further said that the phone the suspect swapped with his phone had a striking resemblance with the one he was using for M-Pesa transactions and upon checking it out he realised that it belonged to yet another M-Pesa agent.

The agent also lost Sh30,000 to the suspect before he left the phone in the last shop.

The money was also sent to the same phone number belonging to Martha Mugui.

This, it has emerged, is how M-Pesa operators in Kilimani and Kileleshwa have been losing money to this criminal ring.

Police in Kileleshwa said that investigations into such incidents are ongoing and that they will soon catch up with the criminals.

“We are also asking anyone who has ever fallen victim of this gang to come forward and make a report so that action is taken against them,” an investigating officer told Breaking News.

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