VIDEO: Colombian Drug Lords Caught Smuggling Cocaine Inside Avocado Seeds

A video has been circulating on social media of Colombian police unmasking a shipment of avocadoes that have camouflaged cocaine in avocado seeds.

The video, which has surprised many Colombians, shows how the avocado is perfectly sealed but upon opening, they find the coca well hidden inside it.

At least 468 kilos of the narcotic drug was confiscated by the Anti-Narcotics Intelligence Group of the Metropolitan Police of Santa Marta.

Police Commander Colone Oscar Solarte spoke to a local radio saying that the drugs were destined for Belgium. He also said that operations have been launched so as to counteract the criminal economies being conducted in the nation.

This operation has been launched in an inter-institutional environment in order to counteract the criminal economies that are doing so much damage to our country and with this seizure, transnational criminal organizations of drug trafficking are dealt a serious blow

Colonel Oscar Solarte

Watch the video below:

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