VIDEO: CJ Maraga Blames President Kenyatta for Disobeying the Law

Chief Justice David Maraga has blamed President Uhuru Kenyatta for the current operational crisis being experienced in the Judiciary.

He was speaking in a press briefing on Monday morning where he called out the president for hampering the administering of justice in the country.

Maraga said the refusal by the president to appoint 41 judges recommended by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) is a blatant disregard of two court orders and the constitution.

It is important to clearly and categorically state that this shortage of judges and the near paralysis of court paralysis of court operations has been caused by the President. The President has persisted in his refusal despite orders in two cases requiring him to swear in those judges within 14 days

David Maraga

As a result, the chief justice pointed out that the shortage of judges will see some cases being pushed to 2022 due to the backlog. He said that the president, through the Attorney General, said that there were some integrity issues with some of the 41 judges but this was rejected by the courts.

Maraga’s plea with the president is for him to appoint the 41 judges without any further delay.

As your Excellency has pledged in the past, you respect the Rule of Law. I urge you to now demonstrate that faith and respect for the Rule of Law by complying with those two Court Orders. In doing so, you will also alleviate much suffering for Kenyans who are seeking justice in our Courts. In the same vein

David Maraga

The Executive also faced other accusations of disregarding court orders. Maraga gave the recent evictions witnessed in Kariobangi despite the court barring the evictions from happening.

Watch the full briefing below:

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