VIDEO: Betty Kyallo ‘Reunites’ With Dennis Okari On Their Daughter’s Birthday

Betty Kyallo shared a moment on Sunday with Dennis Okari when their daughter Ivanna was marking her sixth birthday.

The two just came into good terms recently, that is according to Betty who revealed she had been reaching out to him and had both made on their differences the object being to facilitate an ace upbringing of their daughter.

“So, yes, we are on very good terms with both him and his family and his wife…and we’re making sure that Ivanna is getting the love that she deserves; daddy and mummy’s love. It is so important to nurture that relationship between a dad and his little girl,” she said when speaking to Jalang’o.

Towards the end of 2019, it had been south for Betty when she claimed Okari, a journalist at Nation, had absconded his duties as a father to their daughter. A good number of netizens nonetheless came out in his defense, accusing Betty of being the one who creates an ‘environment too hard’ for Dennis to show up. That aside, the two are now in good terms and are both committed to offering the best as regards parenthood to their daughter, Ivanna.

Sunday, June 21, was the day the world was marking Father’s Day, coincidentally Okari’s daughter having her sixth birthday. The NTV anchor showed up, the event likely being the first to have him spotted publicly with Betty since their fallout more than three years ago.

The event was inundated with fun -majorly and at some point somber moments. At a point Betty -in sobs recalled her daughter’s hospitalization, remembering it as one of her worst experiences.

Fun and merrymaking however had the better share.

Dennis Okari’s presence made good Betty’s averments that they had of late been good, their daughter being the uniting factor.

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