University For Training Slayqueens And Side-Chicks Finally Opened In Africa

The Association of slayqueens in Ghana has come together to open a training center for slay queens and side chicks in the country and in Africa.

The institution will offer necessary education to its students and as well equip them with the ethics of their office.

The headmistress, Nana Aba Asamoah, stated that the training will enable the girls to be stealthy and disciplined in their role as side chicks so that the mains never get wind of their existence.

Our core mandate is simple, we must not be seen or heard. We provide a service of comfort, get our reward, and nothing more. That is what this school will imbibe in our students.” She said

The school also seeks to licence and certify all slayqueens and sidechicks and promises to soon provide a database where all the slayqueens and sidechicks will register.

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