Uhuru Kenyatta: We Can’t Stay in Lockdown Forever

“A time will come when we shall open Kenya, when that time comes, responsibility will be yours,” Uhuru said.


These were the words of The President in State House on Saturday.

“I have told my Cabinet Secretaries that we cannot stay in lockdown forever. But if we open up the country by lifting the restrictions and the virus continues to spread, it will be our fault for not taking the precautions outlined,” he said.

“If we follow the government measures, we shall rise.. we shall overcome… .”

Uhuru said that if Kenyans stay the course, we shall overcome the challenges.

“Let us remain true to our countries.We know that many Kenyans are hurting but we do not have a choice but ensure that we deal with this disease,” he said.

“I have no worry that when we work together, we will fight this disease.”

The president further announced that Kenya has recorded 31 new cases raising the total to 1192.

“We have so far tested 57,640 samples of which 1192 persons have tested positive and lost 50 Kenyans to this disease,’ he said.

In April, the president declared the cessation of movement in and out of Nairobi, Kilifi, Kwale and Mombasa counties.

Movement within the Nairobi Metropolitan Area, as defined in the Gazette notice, is permitted subject to the existing 7pm to 5am curfew.

He clarified what is prohibited is movement into and out of the gazetted areas.

The President said 82 per cent of Covid-19 have been in Nairobi and 14 per cent have been in the other Coastal counties.

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