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Uhuru Kenyatta Starts Receiving Sh1.32m Monthly Pension

According to the Business Daily, former Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has been receiving a monthly pension of Sh1.32 million since December 2022. Treasury documents also reveal that he received a lump sum payment of Sh39.6 million. Kenyatta will only be able to access a retirement benefits budget of Sh655 million for a fully furnished office, aides and luxury cars if he formally retires from party politics. The State is avoiding breaching sections of the Presidential Retirement Benefits Act that prohibit a retired president from holding office in a political party six months after retirement.

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“The former president applied for his pension a few weeks after President Ruto’s swearing-in. We processed and made the first payment in December,” a top Treasury official said. Kenyatta’s monthly pension is set at 80% of his pensionable salary, which is equivalent to 60% of the Sh1.44 million monthly pay offered to the current president. He is also entitled to fuel, house, and entertainment allowances, as well as four cars, including two limousines, that are replaced every four years. Retired presidents also receive full medical cover and fully furnished offices.

The Attorney-General appealed a 2015 High Court decision that stopped the government from paying allowances worth millions of shillings to former Presidents Daniel arap Moi and Mwai Kibaki. The nullified sections of the law entitled the two former presidents to a Sh300,000 house allowance per month, fuel (Sh200,000), entertainment (Sh200,000) and utilities (Sh300,000). They were also entitled to two personal assistants, four secretaries, four messengers, as well as four drivers and bodyguards, pushing the office and home workers to 34 under the scheme funded by taxpayers.

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The lavish exit package offered to retired presidents has come under heavy criticism. Some critics argue that some of the former officials left office as rich men with property worth billions of shillings and vast business interests. The Kenyatta family, for example, owns a significant stake in NCBA Group, Brookside Dairy, and the upmarket hotel chain, Heritage Hotels East Africa. They are also linked to Media Max Company, which owns K24 TV, Kameme Radio, and the People Daily newspaper, and thousands of acres of prime land across Kenya.

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