Tundu Lissu Flees Tanzania – Video

Tanzanian opposition leader Tundu Lissu has reportedly fled Tanzania as the setting continues to be unfavorable to those dissenting from President John Magufuli.

Honorable Lissu vied against Magufuli via the Chadema party ticket but got floored by the latter who was sworn for his second term last week. The polls were however marred with claims of big-time rigging and other vote-related frauds.

Lissu had expressed concerns about his security, having fears about his life.

He is said to have been taking refuge at the German embassy in the country’s capital more than a week into the declaration of Magufuli as the president-elect. Sources hint (unconfirmed though) he could be destined for Belgium as the state continues to crack down on opposition adherents.

No description available.
Tundu Lissu speaking to a journalist as he prepares to leave Tanzania, November 10.
Photo: Courtesy
No description available.
Hon. Tundu Lissu aboard a plane, sources clue he is headed for Brussels. The government is accused of muzzling opposition leaders, making good the belief of its intolerance to those with dissenting opinions.
Photo: Courtesy

Lissu flies out a day after one of the politicians from the opposition was intercepted by Kenyan officials while crossing to Kenya to seek asylum.

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