Top 5 Daring Investigative Journalists In Kenya

The Kenyan Media field has for a long time been blessed with some fine and well versed investigative journalists.

Below is a list of the top investigative journalists in Kenya;

1. Purity Mwambia.

The Royal Media group acquired one of the most multi-talented investigative journalist in Kenya. She has exposed several dealings in the society with her latest feature being the one that covered how easy it is to acquire a gun in Kenya. Her latest story prompted a response from the DCI Boss George Kinoti, who claimed that the story was risky for the journalist and as well illegal.

2. Dennis Okari.

Dennis Okari is more than just a normal a new anchor. He is one of the best investigative journalist in Kenya. Dennis exposed the Covid 19 billionaires that left Kenyans surprised. The decorated journalist has also run other chilling exposè. He is currently stationed at the Nations Media Group and continues to cover more stories on NTV.

3. Dennis Onsarigo.

Mostly known for ‘Case files’ Dennis Onsarigo is ranked as one of the best Kenyan investigation journalist. He also did a landmark feature on Alshabab. Dennis has since shifted to politics and works as a communications expert in the Raila Odinga Secretariat.

4. Mohammed Ali.

The former investigative journalist remains to be one of the best. He uncovered many things including the death of former Interior CS Saitoti. He also did an expose on drug lords in Kenya. Ali earned himself the name “Jicho Pevu” for his well-researched exposès that shed more light on prevailing controversial issues in the nation. Mohammed Ali has since shifted to politics where he currently serves as the Nyali constituency MP.

5. John Allan Namu

Another investigative journalist in Kenya who has risked a lot to enlighten Kenyans. Allan used to work with Mohammed Ali at the Standard Media group, covering the English version of Jicho Pevu. John Allan Namu once revealed how he had to flee the nation some time back after running a chilling expose. The journalist, who now runs the Africa Uncensored, also narrated how his wife had to resign after they overstayed in exile.

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