Top 10 Valentine Gifts For Your Girlfriend in 2020

Valentine’s Day is here and men are once again expected to surprise their beloved partners in their own special way. While treating your partner should not be limited to one day in the calendar, it is still a nice way to commemorate a couple being together.

In the spirit of Valentine’s day, breakingnews.co.ke has listed the top 10 gifts to give your girlfriend on this special day of the year. Note that this is for the guys who are looking forward to gifting their partners or for those who have realized that the Men’s Conference is actually more expensive than a gift you would’ve given to a lady.

10. A phone charging bracelet

Believe it or not, such bracelets do exist. This is what I would call a smart gift. Why? Because you are getting her both an ornament and a phone charging cable (depending on which smartphone you use). It looks good on her wrist and can charge her phone on the go. It’s a thoughtful yet practical gift.

One bracelet costs $49 on Torro Bracelets and you’ll get a 15% discount if you sign up to their newsletter.

9. Photo album

While we all use our smartphones to capture awesome moments, how thoughtful would it be if you printed all those moments into an album? She could use it to store some of her cherished moments and go back to it whenever she wants to feel nostalgic.

If the prices of creating, designing and buying the photo albums seem to make a dent in your wallet, you could consider printing a photo frame. The photo would have a wonderful moment shared between the two of you.

8. A cookbook

This gift can either be a good gift or a disastrous nightmare to your relationship. It all depends on what kind of girl you are dating. If you are dating a girl who knows how to make her dishes or is willing to improve her skills, get it for her by all means.

If not, don’t try to bring up her insecurities. Yes, you mean well but we are not trying to get you into a fight with her. Just be careful with this one.

7. Sneakers

Shoes should have been the term but I went with sneakers. Why? They are the only shoes which you can buy for your girl and she won’t get mad. How about getting her some heels? Chances are that she might not like it. Sneakers though; she’ll always love them.

For this gift, don’t be cheap. If you are going to get her sneakers, the least you can do is get her a good pair from reputable brands. Like Nike, Adidas or some Chuck Taylors.

6. A nice book

Let’s just assume the cookbook idea is bad and we need to think of something quick. Easy, just get another book. While this isn’t true for all of them, most women love reading novels and autobiographies from their favourite celebrities. Remember when Becoming by Michelle Obama came out? The ladies were talking about it for days.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any specific books to recommend. Just google some international bestsellers on Google and you’ll be fine. Also, it would be better if you got the hardcover copy; you’ll thank me later.

5. Morse code love necklace

I didn’t know such a necklace exists until I found it on Amazon. It’s probably the most unique gift you can get. So, you can have the word love written on it in Morse code. How cool is that? Only the two of you will understand what it means and she will hold it dear to her heart. Trust me.

The only disadvantage of this gift is that you might not get one locally. If she’s patient, go for it. Just make sure the necklace actually says ‘love’. It would be embarrassing for you if it meant something else.

4. A promise ring

Let’s face it, girls love a guy who’s committed to the relationship. How about showing your commitment by giving her a promise ring. The only good thing about it is that you don’t have to be extravagant about this act, all that matters is the thought.

Caution is advised when you consider this gift. One, you actually have to mean it; don’t play around with someone’s feelings. Two, this is only advised for relationships that have been in existence for over a year. Under no circumstances should you try this one month into the relationship.

3. A selfie ring

It is said that women take 6 to 10 selfies a day; not to mention taking many shots so as to get the right one. While this statistic is shocking, we can use it to our advantage. You know how women love taking selfies at night but can’t seem to get enough light in her photos and the selfie flash isn’t that good? That’s where the selfie ring comes into play.

The selfie ring will provide her with ambient lighting to take the picture she’ll post on IG. What we’re doing is getting her a tool that will make her flex harder on social media. How we love our women.

2. Makeup kit

In case you have been living under a rock, getting your lady a good makeup kit is essential in today’s world. Thanks to social media, looking stunning and slaying all day has become the standard for all ladies and it would be a shame if your girl was left behind. Don’t start talking about inner beauty or natural beauty; let her slay in peace.

Just like sneakers, don’t go cheap. Some of these cosmetic products can damage their skin. To be on the safe side, find a way to find out her favourite cosmetic brands from her friends or YouTube history; especially the latter.

1. Your hoodie

I’m sorry guys, but you have to give up your favourite hoodie. We fought a good fight but we just have to comply. This is easily the cheapest gift to give her as I’m about to explain. All you have to do is buy a hoodie that you like; wear it often so that she can like it as well; then give it to her afterwards.

Or, you could give her that hoodie that she’s been targeting for some time but you were adamant not to let it go.

So, you’re basically buying it for yourself only to give it to her later on. It’s a selfless act and girls do love seeing their men being selfless. This is why it’s our number one pick.

What kind of gift are you going to gift your partner this Valentine’s day?

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