This Is The Much Uhuru And Ruto Will Be Earning After 80% Salary Cut

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday announced a voluntary pay cut across the members of the executive that being aimed at releasing more funds to aid in the battle against coronavirus.

The country as of Wednesday March 25 had the national tally of the coronavirus confirmed patients standing at 28 after three additional cases were announced.

The president however announced that one patient had been confirmed well that being a motivation that the country can and will succeed over the prevalent pandemic.

He announced his deputy William Ruto and himself will be taking 80 percent cut off their salaries to avail monies during this period when the country grapples with the global deadly illness.

He also said the same would be adhered to -voluntarily though by ministers and principal secretaries giving out 30% and 20% out of their monthly pay respectively.

This means, for a president, who according to a Salaries and Remuneration Commission gazette notice of July 2017 currently earns Ksh.1.44 million per month, that could reduce to just over Ksh.288,000.

It’s even lower for the deputy president who currently takes home a pay of Ksh.1.22 million. This is about to be reduced by 80 percent to settle at just over Ksh.245,000.

Cabinet Secretaries and Chief Administrative Secretaries are to take a voluntary pay cut of 30 percent.

CSs who currently earn Ksh.924,000 per month are just about to drop to Ksh.646,000. This is more than double what the president and his deputy will be taking home.

Principal secretaries who every month pocket approximately Ksh 750,000 will have to cope with approximately Ksh. 600,000 as their new pay.

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