This Football Team Used Sex Dolls to Fill Empty Stadium

One of South Korean’s K-League Football Clubs has been under fire for filling up its empty stadium with sex dolls.

FC Seoul placed sex dolls in the stadium in an attempt to make the stadium more lively due to the coronavirus pandemic affecting all forms of public gatherings. According to the club, the dolls were believed to be ordinary mannequins.

Fans, however, complained about the dolls as they were watching the fixture online. Some pointed out there were dolls which were holding placards advertising a sex toy seller.

According to the BBC, pornography is banned in South Korea which ultimately forced the K-League to fine the club $81,000. The league said in a statement that the club had “deeply humiliated” female football fans and damaged the league’s reputation.

FC Seoul apologized to its fans for causing deep concern and claimed that the dolls had been delivered due to a “mix-up with the supplier”.

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